Corporate CommunicationS

We can help develop effective and appropriate corporate communications strategies and offerings for our shared niche, both within the company and for use with your customers and end-users. We'll also help to train and mentor your in-house staff. Embassy Global's corporate communication services include, though are not limited to:

  • Development of internal corporate policies and procedures
  • Crisis communications training and advisement (non-legal aspects)
  • In-house training copywriting and editing of corporate documentation
  • Marketing department workflow analysis (for time and cost savings)
  • Technical translations
  • Annual report compilations
  • Lead program management, including lead analysis, ROI tracking, and software integration
  • Technical keyword SEO identification and integration
  • Linking and maintenance of social media platforms; staff training on campaign management
  • Special events planning and support
  • CEO speechwriting and remarks, formal public statements
  • Corporate capabilities brochures and image presentations
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