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Get Noticed?

See where your company stands via real-time market benchmarking, SWOT analyses and competitive market share reporting -- all performed by industry experts in your niche. Identify new target markets and customer needs. Stand out from the competition with a highly targeted, technically accurate and market appropriate mix of print and online advertising, technical product announcements, articles, white papers, case studies, webinars, blogs, podcasts and social media campaigns -- all of which address those needs. Let us promote your products and services to our industry-exclusive global editorial network. Where appropriate, let us further introduce them to our own industry end customer contacts, bringing unprecedented visibility for your products and services to the most qualified global audience.

Generate QUALIFIED New Leads and sales opportunities?

Reach a highly targeted audience of qualified new prospects, globally, via the unique experience of a trusted industry partner. Receive all of the value-added benefits of our personalized attention and total commitment to your objectives, with a custom leads generation strategy focused on your own unique brand proposition and core competencies. Let us guide you on how best to convey the strengths of your products and services within countries where you are currently doing business, or where you may be looking to grow market share. Our experience means that we can help you to eliminate the traditional guesswork of technical marketing. We save you time and costs by identifying for you the strategies and activities that historically have brought the highest rates of sales conversions within the shortest possible timeframe, for your exact product technology types, and within your exact target growth areas.

Increase Market Share?

Let us help you to establish and reinforce a strong global brand identity, one fully leveraging the unique strengths of your product and technology offerings within agreed target growth areas. We'll leverage our 20 years of global industry experience and relationships to help you form invaluable industry strategic alliances, in support of your short- and long-term business development goals. We'll help you to build appropriate sales channels in new regions and markets. We'll link you, where appropriate, to qualified new business development opportunities from within our firm's vast network of prospective end customers, each of which has a pre-established need for your products and services. Our experience and relationships mean that we can help to grow your sales pipeline faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

have a means to Accurately monitor, track and report on results?

Our firm's one-of-a-kind methods for the regular monitoring, tracking and reporting of activities provides a clear “report card” of overall campaign performance. We’ll then work with your team on how best to use this data for further strategic sales and marketing refinements.

Get big-box results on a start-up Budget?

Our business is all about building and sustaining long-term, trusted relationships in a series of niche industries where we are well known, and have been highly successful, for many years. Every business deserves a chance to grow and benefit from such expertise, which might not otherwise be accessible or affordable. As such, Embassy Global is committed to offering our services to clients who share in our values, regardless of your company size. This also means our total commitment to high-quality work at competitive rates for all. So, whether you’re a small start-up or large corporation, each client can expect to receive the same expedited service and total commitment to your objectives. If a project comes our way that we believe can be done elsewhere more cost-effectively, we’ll certainly point you in that direction. The team at Embassy Global knows that your growth means our success. Because your success is therefore our success, we’ll always do whatever we can to help you.

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