Integrated Technical Marketing

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Embassy Global is a one-of-a-kind integrated technical marketing, PR and business development firm. We are founded on the simple premise that there’s no substitute for real industry experience when generating results. Our firm is the only one of its kind that is 100% dedicated to the advancement of design, testing and evaluation technologies.

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  • 2013 Year-to-Date Client Report Card:

    • Press releases written and placed: 240
    • Number of client feature articles published globally: 115
    • Number of client editorial pickups: 3,872
    • Number of new leads generated: 8,976
    • Estimated value of free publicity: $1.3M USD
    • Value of generated referral sales opportunities: $190k USD
    • Client marketing dollars saved: $230k USD
    • Average first-year client leads increase: 30%
    • Average annual cost savings achieved per retained client: $35k USD


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