Market Research

Has your company ever been tempted to purchase an industry report, only to find the data to be recycled, old, or far less specific than needed? We can help. Embassy Global handles each new Client market research project as original custom Work product, expressly prepared for that Client, using the freshest contacts at every OEM and competitor. Source data are collected real-time. All reporting is confidential, and never re-used or resold to third parties. All of it is prepared by industry experts. Our offerings include:

  • Global SWOT and competitive analyses

  • Application growth and target market studies

  • Industry performance benchmarking

  • Development of new customer prospect lists for market introductions

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Feasibility studies for product line launches

  • Product line component integration analysis

  • Identification of prospective joint venture, M&A and strategic partnership candidates

  • Sales forecasts for projected OEM requirements by market sector

  • Talent scouting

  • Competitive promotional tracking and analysis

  • Voice of the Customer data collection and reporting

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