Strategic Marketing

With our deep industry roots and our many years of experience, we offer a variety of field-proven strategic marketing services. All of our plans are custom designed for individual Client needs. Strategic marketing services include, though are not limited to:

  • Development and implementation of strategic plans, marketing plans and budgets, whether by region, country, product, or end-use application

  • Identification of cost savings potential and associated negotiations.

  • Identification of highest ROI marketing channels for planned new product launches

  • Provide recommendations and facilitate direct introductions between clients and OEMs, including onsite visits and meetings, as well as brokering strategic alliances, joint ventures, longer-term private-label deals and OEM agreements

  • New product launch plan development, including competitive analysis, target applications, markets and key customers

  • Offer new product line rationale, justifications and estimated marketshare data

  • Perform strategic market analysis, including ROI assessments and Voice of the Customer studies

  • Aid in sales channel development, by making introductions to qualified sales rep organizations, channel partners.

  • Branding and image improvement strategies, by regional recommendation and campaign assessments.

  • Support of global parent company and divisional/regional branding efforts

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