our core values

We Deliver One-of-a-kind Expertise.

  • We are recognized global experts in our Client products, markets, applications, competitors and target end customers.

  • All Work is performed by industry experts, regardless of Client size, project scope, or location.

  • We take a personalized and highly custom approach.

  • Our virtual office setup allows for the 24/7 support of Client objectives, in any region.

We Operate with Integrity.
  • We value and respect all Clients. We keep Client best interests as our central focus.

  • We honor Agreements. We maintain confidentiality in our Work. We conform to all applicable laws and industry norms.

  • We will offer expert advisement only within our core specialties. Should Client needs fall outside of those specialties (e.g., legal),
    we will happily recommend quality external resources. We derive no financial benefit from those referrals.

  • We work with a select number of Clients each year, to ensure that our best attention is given to all.

  • We are selective in the Clients and projects we choose, focusing on where we can deliver highest ROI.

  • We will always deliver our services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

  • We will partner only with suppliers who share in our vision and values.

We Give Back.
  • We pass along our firm's own discounts to our Clients. Even when the value of those savings exceeds our fees.

  • We mentor and guide in-house Client Marketing personnel. We are supportive of their professional development goals.

  • We donate a percentage of annual sales to global charities. We volunteer our time and resources.

  • We mentor college students and graduating seniors, particularly in STEM related career development.

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